Pinzon Full Day


The Pinzon tour begins at the main pier of Puerto Ayora. From there, you will navigate approximately 40 minutes to La Fe, a bay located west of Santa Cruz. Upon arrival, you will disembark on a beach for snorkeling around the bay. Here, you can observe sea lions, sea turtles, and different types of rays. Afterward, the tour continues to Pinguino Bay on Pinzon Island, where some of the most attractive snorkeling experiences await. You'll have the opportunity to see reef sharks, sea lions, various types of starfish, mantas, and occasionally penguins.  

In addition to marine life, the tour offers the chance to spot different bird species such as blue-footed boobies and seagulls. Pinzon is renowned as one of the best adventure tours, combining sport fishing and snorkeling, and it all starts from Santa Cruz.

Tour include: Snorkell Gear, towells, snacks, water, lunch and Bilingual Guide.
Do not include: Long wetsuit, tips, soft & licor drinks, things no specifided.


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