Española Full Day

Española Tour do starts with the pick up at the Hotel, the navigation time is approximately 2 hours. Places to visite in the tour are; Punta Suárez that is located to the west of Española Island. The route of the trail is approximately 1500 meters. The approximate duration of the landing excursion is 2 hours.
The Snorkeling on Gardner Bay bay its good to observe sealions, mantas, school colored fishes.
Española is known as one of the oldest islands, with an estimated age of 3million years. Much of the island is covered by basaltic lava rocks.
The albatross bird is endemic of this Island, but has also been reported on mainland - Ecuador. Albatros are present in Española from April to November.
Española has a high percentage of endemism because it is distant from the rest of the islands, this is because the species present on this island do not have a genetic flow with species from other islands. Marine iguanas present a turquoise color with red in the mating season. A variety of mockingbirds, lava lizards, Darwin's finch are considered endemic to this island.

The Mockingbird of Española is the largest of the species present on the islands and has developed carnivorous behaviors. They feed on seabird eggs, sea lion placenta and newborn turtles. Lava lizards are the largest of the 7 endemic species of the Galapagos.

Tour include: Snorkell Gear, towells, snacks, water, lunch and Bilingual Guide.
Do not include: Long wetsuit, tips, soft & licor drinks, things no specifided.

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