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Travel Agency - Cruise in Galapagos

We are a Travel Agency specializing in the sale of Tours and Cruises but our purpose is also to provide you a lot of information so that you can have more knowledge about the islands and in this way you could make a better decision when booked a Cruise & Tour.


The first one its in a cruise so the Yachts Incluiding accommodation, food, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks after snorkeling & hiking activities, bilingual guide and snorkeling gear, do not include tips, soft and licor drinks. Cruises in Galapagos it is possible to get from 4, 5, 6, 8 and up to 15 days. Each Itinerary goes to different Islands.

Day Tours

The other option its land based trip, for this option it is possible to get to Baltra - Santa Cruz or Cristobal airports and stay in hotels. It is possible to move between the islands by a speed ferry boat for 2 hours, or taking small internal flights between the islands.

Travel Agency - Cruise in Galapagos


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